Signature Approach to Learning

There is nothing more precious in this world than our children, and nothing more enjoyable than happy children. We, at Eduland Kindergarten understand and know exactly what excites them and how they learn best.

Throughout the curriculum we strive to create a balance among self-directed explorations, teacher-directed activities, and group projects involving peer cooperation. Our aim is to enhance each child’s self-esteem and individual learning style, while developing an appreciation of differences in others.

Essential Life Skills is a paradigm that transcends conventional highly structured, test driven kindergarten approach. Our holistic approach, involving child initiated play and experiential learning, is an endeavour to spread the love of learning and the joy of living among adults and children.

The small class size allows us to tailor the program to the individual abilities and needs of each child and they learn to know themselves. Our education proceeds by observing the child and adapting measures to his or her individual capacities and needs.

Beyond the description lies the reality of the school: a place where freedom is cherished, where mutual respect is the norm, where learning is integrated into life.We value the development of skills in friendship building, social interaction, and cooperative play as important components of the program. The growth of problem solving and conflict resolution skills is emphasized through group and individual learning and play activities.

Parents are expected to bring their child into the child's classroom for at least the first week. After that teachers will be at the entrance to receive your child and take him to the classroom. This method has proven beneficial to the starting of the child's day at Eduland Kindergarten.


As a parent you would often have many questions in mind about the pre-school and daycare when deciding to send your child.

In this section we endeavour to answer your questions and address areas of concern on our programmes, child management and safety. If you any questions or are seeking further clarity, we encourage you to email your questions to: You can also send us your queries from the Contact Us section.

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