Solving Problems

Eduland Kindergarten exists to improve the quality of early childhood education and to provide real solutions to growing problems faced by today’s working and busy parents who aspire to be the best in their profession and want the best for their children.

At Eduland Kindergarten, we have put ourselves in your shoes and looked for opportunities to simplify and improve the quality of preschool education and your role as parent seeking work-life balance. The result is the conceptualization and development of a full range of flexible, integrated pre-school programs under one-roof.

Eduland Kindergarten’s integrated pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and daycare programs are extremely convenient for families who need a full day of child care along with education programs like Playgroup, Nursery, LKG or UKG.


As a parent you would often have many questions in mind about the pre-school and daycare when deciding to send your child.

In this section we endeavour to answer your questions and address areas of concern on our programmes, child management and safety. If you any questions or are seeking further clarity, we encourage you to email your questions to: You can also send us your queries from the Contact Us section.

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