About Us

About Us

Eduland Kindergarten was founded with an altruistic academic motive of providing affordable, people-friendly, and high – value educational and support solutions and through principle-centred and personal leadership, develop a happy and confident child.

Providing Creative Freedom

At Eduland Kindergarten, we provide a setting in which our preschoolers explore and discover the world freely, at their own pace and in their own unique ways. They learn to think for themselves, and learn to use tools and resources to unearth the knowledge they need from multiple sources. Our students enjoy total intellectual freedom and unfettered interaction with other children and adults which ensures they gain the internal resources needed for their scholastic achievement and to be confident and capable to lead effective lives.

We are deeply interested in where our students go in life. Our fundamental premises are simple: that all children are curious and absorbent by nature; that the most effective and profound learning takes place when pursued by the child; that all children are creative if they are allowed to develop their unique talents; that age-mixing among students promotes growth in all members of the group; and that freedom is essential to the child’s development.

We do not see ourselves as teaching children or looking after them in our daycare facility. We believe we are building foundation for a better community and aiding the development of our people to the fullest possible of his/her potentialities. We touch the future because children are the future of any society. Our ultimate goal is to give each child a successful year.

At Eduland Kindergarten, our greatest achievements are our students.


As a parent you would often have many questions in mind about the pre-school and daycare when deciding to send your child.

In this section we endeavour to answer your questions and address areas of concern on our programmes, child management and safety. If you any questions or are seeking further clarity, we encourage you to email your questions to: info@edulandkindergarten.com. You can also send us your queries from the Contact Us section.

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