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Director's Message

We don't believe in one size fits all education philosophy

A very warm welcome to Eduland Kindergarten’s website. We trust that while viewing these pages you will sense the enthusiasm and spirit of professionalism that help make Eduland Kindergarten the best place for your preschooler.

By design, Eduland Kindergarten is a small school focused on pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and daycare with a small class size that allows each student to feel appreciated, understood and loved.

The school’s character is shaped and defined by the Education Statement – an actively discussed statement of purpose that really seeks to encapsulate what Eduland Kindergarten considers important.

We do firmly believe that kindergarten is an essential transitional period in a child's development and academic experience that must be supportive and inspiring and that must open the minds to the excitement of learning. We offer a learning environment that is both creative and non-competitive for young children and are preferred by parents who share our passion, purpose and pragmatism.

At the heart of our kindergarten is our emphasis on providing real, relevant and high quality early care and education programs that would help our ambitious parents balance work-life. We aim to make our kindergarten a place where dreams and talents of our people are nurtured and potentialities are unleashed.


Solving Problems

At Eduland Kindergarten, we have put ourselves in your shoes and looked for opportunities to simplify and improve the quality of preschool education and your role as parent seeking work-life balance. The result is the conceptualization and development of a full range of flexible, integrated pre-school programs under one-roof.


At Eduland Kindergarten, we recognize the significant influence of teachers and caregivers on the child's development. Our centre is staffed by certified teachers and dedicated assistants that share one common goal - to provide a happy and positive environment where children are comfortable and look forward to their daily learning activities.

Child Development

At Eduland Kindergarten, what we offer each child is the real world, not the world of fantasy. The child is not pushed to intellectual accomplishments in a didactic classroom or forced to follow the interests of others but treated and respected as an individual with his/her unique psychic needs and encouraged to progress and develop to his/her own individual potentiality.

Education Statement

One Mission & vision

To Administer Fun Filled, Finest Quality Early Childhood Education; To be a Trusted and Admired Brand that Surpass Customer Expectations in Quality and Cost of Preschool Education.

Four Guiding Questions

Are We Continuously Improving: The Quality of Life and Training of Our Teachers? The Quality of Education Imparted to Our Children? The Quality of Service Given to Parents? The Quality of Our Contribution to Society?

Two Objectives

Uphold the Spirit of Learning through Play and Enhance Access to Quality Preschool Education Respect, Encourage and Bring Out the Best.

Five Values


Three Goals

Do the Right at All Times. Seek Superiority in All We Do. Connect with People and Make them Happy.

Education Statement is Eduland Kindergarten's Credo. It embodies our core values, principles & purpose that guide us in every endeavour.


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Where Lifelong Learning Begins

Parents Speak


As a parent you would often have many questions in mind about the pre-school and daycare when deciding to send your child.

In this section we endeavour to answer your questions and address areas of concern on our programmes, child management and safety. If you any questions or are seeking further clarity, we encourage you to email your questions to: You can also send us your queries from the Contact Us section.

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